Featured Pieces

Fire Escapes Are Evocative, But Mostly Useless 
The Atlantic; February 25, 2017
In the 19th century, fire escapes saved tenement-dwellers from peril. Today they are more likely to cause harm than to prevent it.

Welcome to the Jungle – disconnecting, reconnecting, and nature deficit disorder
The Dispatch; February 2018 Issue
Today, we spend more time fiddling with technology than we do with our feet in the grass. 

By the Horns
Guernica; August 28, 2017
The costs of doing business in Interior, South Dakota, population: 94. 

Why It’s Better to Carry Weight on Your Head
The Atlantic; August 18, 2017
People have done it for centuries. Maybe everyone still should. An Object Lesson.

AI is Making it Extremely Easy for Students to Cheat
Wired (Backchannel); July 5, 2017
An examination of changing classroom dynamics due to the use of AI tools like Wolfram|Alpha published by Backchannel, Wired’s weekly digital magazine. Reporting was later featured in a CBS segment

Selected Clips

A chronological list of all of my pieces for publications including The Atlantic, Wired, BBC Travel, Refinery29, Guernica, Nylon, Greatist, GirlBoss, and more is available here. For selected pieces categorized by subject, please see below: 

Reporting and Deep Dives

How (some) US companies are competing for talent with paid family leave
Impact Alpha; February 6, 2018
More companies, looking to retain talent and meet employee expectations, are offering paid leave and perks. 

Are Any of Those “Healthy” Alternatives Better for You?
Greatist; December 10, 2017
While there are many different kinds of sugar-based sweeteners that are marketed as healthy alternatives to white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, they don’t necessarily live up to the hype.

The ugly story behind a breakfast meat
BBC Travel; June 1, 2017
Salami is undoubtedly the Dominican Republic’s reigning breakfast meat, but the story of how it got there is an almost-forgotten tale of two dictatorships, racism, WWII, and a small community of Jewish refugees intent on rebuilding their lives. 
*This piece is also available in Spanish, translation courtesy of BBC Mundo.

When Music You Wrote Becomes A Hate Speech Soundtrack
Wired (Backchannel); November 15, 2017
What if your music became the backing track to hate speech, racism, or violence? What if there was nothing you could do about it? 

The Science Behind Acupuncture – and Why It Really Works
Greatist; September 12, 2017
For a long time, acupuncture was the weird thing mainstream medicine gave the side-eye, but the deep study of why it works and where it works best has forged a link between the traditional practice and contemporary medical understanding. 


The Real Jane of the Jungle
The Social Register Observer; November 2017 (Print)
An intimate portrait of iconic scientist and activist Dr. Jane Goodall.

Slvt Cult Makes Shocking Feminist Art Designed to Grab Attention
Nylon; November 13, 2017
Artists Kate Warren and Maggie Famiglietti create unapologetic art that refuses to be silenced.

The Argentinian Artist Using Tiny Objects To Make Big Political Statements
GirlBoss; August 31, 2017
Elisa Insua is a popular artist of the Instagram age, so why is she moving across the world and leaving her art supplies behind?

“We’re All Narcissists”: How Singer Duendita is Changing the Definition of Beauty
GirlBoss; May 30, 2017
Singer duendita talks about her Queens roots, her soulful sound, and how she’s ready to flip her blessings.  

As An 11-Year-Old, Alexandra Nechita Sold Paintings for $100,000. Here’s What She’s Doing 20 Years Later.
GirlBoss; May 15, 2017
From child prodigy to mom, artist Alexandra Nechita shares what it’s like to pursue longevity when everyone is waiting for you to crash and burn.

Travel and the Outdoors

How to Build Peace by Providing Meaningful Travel Experiences
Go Overseas; September 20, 2017

When Heroes Become Human: Sitting Alongside Emilie Drinkwater
Altitude Seven; July 1, 2017

The Voluntourist’s Dilemma
Go Overseas; February 22, 2016
A 3-part series digging into voluntourism.

Find Real Ways to Help
The New York Times; April 29, 2014

Orphanage Volunteering’s Shocking Link to Child Abuse
The Huffington Post and Catalyst; various dates in 2016 and 2017
This piece was part of a campaign to end orphanage volunteering organized by the Better Volunteering, Better Care Initiative.

Little White Girls Aren’t the Problem with Voluntourism, Privilege is. 
Self-published October 28, 2014, republished by Catalyst May 24, 2017

The Fish with the Earring: Interloping on a Vodou Ceremony in Haiti 
Self-published; November 24, 2015

The Problem with Little White Girls (and Boys): Why I Stopped Being a Voluntourist
republished by dozens of publications including The Huffington Post, Those People, Catalyst, and more; February 2014


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