Pippa speaks to thousands of people at colleges, high schools, conferences, and corporate events around the world each year. Right now her favorite topics are voluntourism, the volunteer economy, short-term aid, and tourism development in the developing world. She also enjoys talking about storytelling and youth leadership. Pippa offers formal presentations, interactive workshops, and is always excited to be part of a great panel. In addition to in-person engagements, Pippa is available via video chat.

For more information, please email pippa@pippabiddle.com.



  • 2017
    • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Stockton University
    • Women in Travel Summit
    • Women in the Outdoors Week NYC
    • University of Surrey
  •  2016
    • The Loomis Chaffee School
    • Seton Hall University
    • Stockton University
    • Bucknell University
    • Dickinson College
    • Bennington College
    • Bard College Simon’s Rock
    • Lewis & Clark College
    • Whitman College
    • IBM – Panel presented by IBM Watson and THINKLEADERS (video)
    • The University of Guelph (Do So Much Day)
  • 2015
    • Brandeis University
    • Miss Porter’s School
    • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • 2014
    • Tourism Concern International Volunteering Conference
    • Sarah Porter Leadership Institute
    • Brooklyn Friends School Privilege Day
  • 2013
    • Fairleigh Dickinson Emerging Global Leaders Seminar
    • Roots & Shoots Day of Service NYC
  • 2012 and earlier
    • United Nations International Day of Peace Student Observance (2012)
    • American Community School of Abu Dhabi GIN Conference (2011 and 2012)
    • US Summit and Initiative for Global Citizen Diplomacy (2010)
    • Global Citizen Action Project (2010)


Lauren Skonieczny, Operations Manager, Discover Outdoors (April 2017)

“It was fantastic having Pippa involved in Women in the Outdoors Week. Her unique perspective on the topics we discussed added a great deal to the event. Pippa spoke with humor and thoughtfulness. She was honest, relatable, and still extremely insightful. It was a pleasure working with Pippa in all stages of our event from planning to execution and follow-up.”


Marley Aloe Matlack, Director of International Education Programs and Associate Director of the Alvord Center for Global & Environmental Studies, The Loomis Chaffee School (December 2016) 

“Working with Pippa was an absolute pleasure. Her level of dedication to her field as well as her desire to introduce it to others in a creative and dynamic manner was always present (from the planning through the follow-up). As a result, our time with Pippa was a great success. It made our students question themselves/previous actions and look at “community service” and global travel through a new lens. Exactly what we were hoping for!”


Pegleess Barrios, Lead Coordinator for Community Engagement and Global Citizenship, University of Guelph (February 2016) 

“Pippa Biddle was a pleasure to work with, always highly professional and ready to customize her service to our event’s needs. Pippa was a huge draw to our Do So Much Day micro-volunteering event since many students had heard of her famous essay, “The Problem with Little White Girls (and Boys): Why I Stopped Being a Voluntourist.” Delegates at the event were inspired by her talk and her story: many commented that seeing someone their age having reached such heights of success in creating a positive impact on the world really motivated them to try and make more of an impact in their community as well. The talk was critical but moving, and was a great conversation opener for the delegates. Pippa is a dynamic, inspiring, and a total powerhouse. We hope to have her in Guelph again someday!”


Christa, Brandeis PP1 Member, Brandeis College (April 2015) 

“During the last few months, we have been struggling to find our voice as an organization, especially when a lot of our peers are doing snazzy volunteer trips and getting heaps of praise for doing them. Because of that tension,  it is incredibly gratifying to hear from [Pippa Biddle and Jacob Taddy who are] not only enunciating what we had been feeling about voluntourism but also studying it and combating it in real life. It’s so encouraging that there are people actually adhering to the values we rhapsodize about in our dorm rooms. It’s empowering, knowing that organizations like PP1 could succeed and not have to sell out to the man or the patriarchy or capitalism or all of the above. It was especially great to hear about Onwards. It’s so crazy elegant- the best ideas are always the ones so obvious that you’re astounded someone hasn’t thought of it before, and that is certainly true of Onwards. Even more so, the conversations we’ve had leading up to, during, and after the event have started to mark turning points in our organization’s trajectory. I’m excited to see how we take everything we’ve learned into the future. We’re so grateful to be able to bring you both to campus and we hope you keep in touch with future endeavors. ”


Brady Gilliam, Student Organizer, UNC Campus Y Global Circle (February 2015)

“When the Campus Y Global Circle invited Ms. Biddle to come speak to a group of internationally-engaged students at UNC-Chapel Hill, we weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into. Her history of inflammatory articles and speaking engagements preceded her to campus; many students recognized her name, having read her popular essay, entitled The Problem with Little White Girls (and Boys): Why I Stopped Being a Voluntourist, when it first appeared on the web amongst a clamor of praise and contention. Needless to say, when Ms. Biddle agreed to come, the global thinkers at UNC were excited – students and faculty alike. Our anticipation was justified: her talk was a huge success. Ms. Biddle’s presence and candid style captured the audience’s attention, and her message was as meaningful as it was well-delivered. Particularly impressive was her refusal to shy away from challenging questions asked by the audience; her answers were thoughtful, clever and never dismissive. The perceptive social critique of this young writer and entrepreneur – not to mention her dynamic personality – has gained her the admiration of the Campus Y Global Circle. Her 2015 speaking engagement with our organization may have been Ms. Biddle’s first at UNC, but I’m sure it won’t be her last! ” –


Ana Calciano, Assistant Dir. of Summer Programs, Miss Porter’s School (July 2014)

“Pippa was extraordinary with our middle school girls, she was both serious and hilarious and was incredibly engaging to an age group that can be hard to engage. Her message was clear and informative and many of the girls felt like one hour with her was not enough.”


Teacher, ACS Abu Dhabi (February 2011)

“Thank you for giving an inspiring speech at the Global Issues Conference…I realized that it only takes one person and one idea to make the world a better place like you have. I just wanted to thank you for coming to Abu Dhabi to tell us your stories…and hope you continue to inspire others through your speeches…”

Interested in booking Pippa? Please email pippa@pippabiddle.com. 

Photo Credit: Alberto Vargas