Highlighted Press & Features

Volunteers Unleashed (Documentary available on Amazon as well as iTunes USA and UK)

A Daughter, Her Dad, and the Debate Over Pricey Teen Volunteer Trips (New York Times)

Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan #115 (Radio Interview)

The Never-Ending Controversy Over All-Girls Education (The Atlantic)

THE STREAM: Medical Volunteerism (Al Jazeera – Video, 7:35 and 17:30)



Additional Press

Think Opposite radio interview (Think Opposite on Contact Talk Radio) March 2017

Orientalism and the New-Imperialism of ‘Voluntourism’ (The Baines Report) January 2017

Voluntourism talk: Are you doing more harm than good? (The Bucknellian) November 2016

Visiting Writer Explains Meaningful Service (The Dickinsonian) October 2016

Royal Geographical Society Magazine (available upon request) October 2016

Voluntourism on the rise: a call to reexamine how we help (Whitman Wire) September 2016

Considering volunteering on your gap year? A summer on the beach might be better (iNews) August 2016

THINK Leaders – Digital Founders Panel (IBM) August 2016


A message for Louise Linton and anyone considering voluntourism: nobody needs your neo-colonialist ‘aid’ (The Independent) July 2016

You Don’t Have to Be a ‘Voluntourist’ to Travel With a Cause (Mic) June 2016

Voluntourism: good, bad, and ugly ( April 2016

Reevaluating the pitfalls of voluntourism (The McGill Tribune) March 2016

Youth Voices, Public Spaces, and Civic Engagement (Book) February 2016

Voluntourism: A Wide Spectrum (Strayer Magazine) February 2016

We Need More Skilled Volunteers, Not More ‘Voluntourists’ (New University) February 2016

Do So Much Day: A lesson in Volunteering (The Ontarion) February 2016

Doing More Harm Than Help (The Broadview) February 2016

The Newsmakers (TRT World – TV Interview 3:30-4:10) February 2016

Interview with Columbia’s Undergrad Creative Writing Podcast (Re:Vision) February 2016 *available on request

Voluntourism: Helpful or Harmful Humanitarianism? (Cafe Babel) January 2016

The social bad in selling social good (Huffington Post) December 2015

5 Young Entrepreneurs (and Katniss Everdeen) Share the Importance of Practicing Gratitude (Forbes) November 2015

Cultivating Racial and Linguistic Diversity in Literacy Teacher Education (Book) October 2015

Onwards: Non-Profit Launches to Help Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries (Tech.Co) September 2015

Volunteer Tourism: The lifestyle politics of international development (Book, page 43) June 2015

Conversations with a Little White Girl (Hai Afrika) June 2015

CBC Documentary Edited By Insurance Company (Canadaland) April 2015

Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Advice for Voluntourists (Huffington Post) April 2015

Counter Culture with Kweli Washington April 2015

Taking on America’s “Voluntourism” (New African) March 2015

Here’s the Footage that got a CBC Doc Pulled off the Air (Canadaland) March 2015

Free the Children’s Voluntourism Prioritizes Emotional Experience Over Efficient Aid (The Gateway) February 2015

The Opposite of Spoiled (Book) February 2015

The Problem of Privilege (Review of The Opposite of Spoiled) (Wall Street Journal) February 2015


Interview with The Women Who ( December 2014

Voluntourism and the Truth Behind the “Gap Yah” (Nouse) December 2014

Pippa Biddle: Letter To Sisters About Her Sexual Assault Will Break Your Heart! (The Inquisitr) November 2014

Vi Racconto Come Sono Stata Stuprata (The Post Internzationale) November 2014

‘Voluntourism’ is Not the Solution to Providing International Aid (Care2) November 2014

Voluntourism is a ‘waste of time and money’ – and gappers are better off working in Britain (The Independent) October 2014

Women to Watch in Entrepreneurship and Tech (Tech Cocktail) October 2014

Volunteer tourism fails to truly aid foreign countries (The Justice) September 2014

Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community [Book, Chapter 19] (Melissa Wadsworth) 2014

Students Talk International Service… (USA Today College) May 2014

The Privilege of Plaid (The Fourcast) April 2014

Is it the Thought that Counts? (Think Magazine) March 2014

International Volunteers Need Better Preparation (Central Florida Future) March 2014

On the sticky ethics of voluntourism (Matador Network) March 2014

Is Teenage ‘Voluntourism’ Wrong? (New York Times) March 2014

Guide to Life: How to Volunteer Abroad (Gear Patrol) March 2014

TheFixers: A Generation Born Without AIDS (Forbes) March 2013

Celebrity Advocates, Students to Mark International Day of Peace at United Nations Headquarters (UN) September 2012


Photo Credit: Alberto Vargas 



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