FROST Axe Makes Saving Lives A Whole Lot Simpler

FROST Axe Makes Saving Lives A Whole Lot Simpler

I love my Leatherman. I love my Leatherman so much that I take it just about everywhere. To me, there is little better than fitting a whole lot of stuff into one compact tool without compromising their functionality. This is the very same thought that my uncle Peter had in mind when he realized that First Responders have to carry around a whole lot of heavy tools when their already have a tough job to do, namely saving lives.

The First Responder On-Scene Tools Axe, or FROST Axe, aims to solve this problem by doing what the Leatherman did to your toolbox to First Responder gear. Designed to be a replacement for 7 of the major tools that First Responders use, it is a lighter, simpler, and more compact option that doesn’t sacrifice functionality.


We all know a Fire Fighter or First Responder (and if you don’t you should go to your local Fire Department and get to know them because they may one day save your life, but I digress) and we want them to be able to do their jobs the best that they can because lives, quite literally, depend on it! Part of this means getting them the best tools out there. Peter, the rest of the Tradlabs team, and me think that the FROST Axe is the best tool there is to help them do their jobs better.

I’m keeping it short and sweet, so please check out the video below for more information! You can pick up your own FROST Axe (the uses are practically endless), a FROST EDC Multitool, and other cool swag that will also support local fire departments on our Kickstarter 🙂